One Newark - Working Together

Newark’s greatest asset, resource, and strength are its people. They are defined by their grit, determination, and ingenuity. They are honest, hardworking, and giving. And there is nothing they can’t do when they work together. Newark is a great city with a rich history; a history of good times and challenging times. But through it all the people have endured and have been the glue that has held our city together. Our residents are a proud and mighty people who want a better life for themselves and their families – good jobs, good schools, and a safe community where they can raise their families. This is the dream held by all Newark residents, regardless of their race and ethnicity. And this is a dream worth fighting for, and one that binds us together.

Over the years Newark has made significant progress but much work remains. The challenges Newark faces are serious and have been generations in the making. They will require a “stakeholder-driven” community solution, not a short-sided political one. This stakeholder coalition must include our nonprofit community, our corporate community, our university community, and most importantly our residents. The time for status quo politicians, political machines, and stale ideas has passed. They have become obstacles to a path to real progress. Impassioned speeches and false promises will not create the community we all deserve. And marches, protests, and demonstrations alone, no matter how principled or well intentioned, will change very little. Only by rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work of planning and executing will we create a new reality – a better, more stable quality of life for all Newark residents.

My hope and my prayer is that 2013 will be the year of the great awakening of the silent majority. That good people with honorable intentions will become engaged and involved. I am asking you to join me and other Newark residents who refuse to be defined by labels and ideologies. I am asking you, the silent majority, to help take our city back from the powerful interests and status quo politicians who have personally profited at the community’s expense. The only requirement for joining this movement for change is that you care about our city, and are willing to work together to make it better. Accomplishing this great task will require a sacrifice on all our part; a sacrifice of time and resources. Before you leave the website please enter your volunteer information and make a contribution.

Thank you for your contribution.

Darrin S. Sharif
Council Member / Central Ward

Rutgers University Mayoral Forum

Hear from Councilman Sharif as he discuss topics relevant to the city of Newark such as Education, Public Safety, and Jobs. Councilman Sharif Would certainly like to see you there.
Location : Rutgers University, Paul Robeson Campus Center - 350 Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd, Newark, NJ
Start Time : 02/12/2014 06:00 PM